A moonlit lake

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The Shores of Loch Shiel
Fanfic by Emma Lea Marion


DEATHs' Dominion -- Highlander/Discworld Crossovers

DEATH and Taxes -- PG-13 for implied slash relationships

DEATH at Hogmany -- PG-13 for implied slash relationships


St. Elmo's Fire -- Connor MacLeod stories

Innocent Smiles -- PG-13

Hollow Bones -- PG-13

Nest of Arms -- NC-17 for m/m slash

St. Elmo's Fire
by Caron Andregg

There is a weakness
in women
for dangerous men
with innocent smiles;

men who make their livings
through the science of sudden violence
with hands soft as lilies
and the strength to snap steel;

it shines from them like marsh light
like St. Elmo's fire
like a siren's silent candle
this tenderness, this touch,

light and wild as a hallucination;
this nest of arms that holds you
like some fragile, feathered thing
with hollow bones.


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